Man accused of sending sexually explicit text messages to teen after posting ad online

14-year-old responded to sale ad for hoverboard, police say


PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – A Miami man was arrested Tuesday, nearly a week after he sent sexually explicit text messages to a 14-year-old girl who had responded to an online ad regarding a hoverboard that was for sale, authorities said.

According to an arrest report, Lawrence Perry, 26, agreed to meet the teen on Friday at her home in Pembroke Pines in order to sell her the hoverboard.

Police said Perry left the girl's home and sent her a text message of an emoji licking its lips, inquired about her age and asked her to send him a picture of herself.

Authorities said Perry complimented the teen on her buttocks and vaginal region.

The teen responded to Perry that she was too young to discuss these types of things with him and that she found his messages to be inappropriate, authorities said.

Police said the teen told Perry that she was 14 and Lawrence responded, "Oh wow. Are you serious?" and then asked her if she had "ever sucked a big c***."

After the victim told Perry, "That's scary to me," he sent her a photo of an erect penis and said, "Why is it scary? There is nothing scary about it," the arrest report said.

Police said the victim's family learned about the text messages on Saturday and reported them to the Pembroke Pines Police Department.

The arrest report stated that an officer posed as the teen on Monday and engaged in text messages with Perry.

Police said during the conversation Perry asked whether the teen wanted to perform oral sex on him and that he would teach her since she was so young and inexperienced.

Police said he also asked the victim to send him photos of her vagina, buttocks and breasts.

The undercover detectives told Perry that she was at a nearby park, and Perry agreed to meet the teen there, authorities said.

Police said Perry told the detective, who he thought was the victim, to meet him in the men's bathroom.

Perry was arrested as he arrived at the park on charges of using a computer to seduce and lure a child, traveling to meet a minor after luring the child by using a computer and transmitting harmful information to a minor. 


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