Sculpture bound for Miami museum falls, destroys truck

MIAMI – A concrete sculpture bound for the new Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami destroyed the bed of a truck after it fell while being moved.

The sculpture, which appeared to be a large rectangular block with grooves in its side, was being brought into the building at 4040 Northeast 2nd Avenue by a large crane.

Witnesses say a cable snapped on the crane, sending the sculpture crashing down on the truck.

The 43,000-pound sculpture looked to be intact after the fall, but the truck was heavily damaged. Local 10 was on hand when the sculpture was eventually lifted off and safely moved to the ground.

The Institute, which includes a 37,500 square-foot museum, is scheduled to open on Dec. 1. An official with the ICA says they have been installing art over the last few days in anticipation for the opening.


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