Changes coming ahead of Trump's return to Mar-A-Lago

President to spend Thanksgiving weekend in Palm Beach

PALM BEACH, Fla. – President Donald Trump will be spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Mar-A-Lago, and the surrounding communities and businesses are preparing for the restrictions that come with him.

During his initial visits to the so-called “Winter White House” as commander in chief, the president’s presence wasn’t always appreciated.

Due to security precautions, roads were shut down, detours were put in place and noncommercial aircraft were grounded, effectively putting one airport temporarily out of business, and causing some local companies and industries to reportedly lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In March, a helipad was completed on the western lawn of the president’s Palm Beach estate. The project allows Marine One to take him from Palm Beach International Airport directly to the property and vice versa, but so far, it hasn’t been used to do so. In fact, the town of Palm Beach believes it will mainly be used for emergencies. If it was used, road closures would go into effect while Marine One was in the air, causing similar traffic issues to what was already seen.

As Trump prepares to return to Mar-A-Lago, some surrounding communities and businesses are feeling significantly more prepared this time around.

"I think people are adapting to do what they would normally do," Marley Herring, president of the Worth Avenue Association, said. "We've come to a point where I think we have it handled quite nicely and people can still shop, they can still dine, they can still make it to the avenue."

Local 10 News contacted both the Palm Beach County Airport Authority and Stellar Aviation, the primary operator for Palm Beach County Park Airport, but neither would comment on this story.

The president is expected to land at Palm Beach International Airport at 5:35 p.m. on Tuesday. He is scheduled to leave Sunday.

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