Detectives search for gun in Palmetto Expressway shooting

Authorities ask drivers to avoid dangerous confrontations on the road

MIAMI-DADE, Fla. – Detectives say this appears to be a senseless case of two men getting into an argument on the road in South Florida. They want every driver to take note.

Anger, that's what detectives believe led this man to his death. He- was driving a tractor trailer on the Palmetto Expressway's ramp to Northwest 25th Street Friday morning.

Investigators say rage took over as he got down and made his way to confront the driver of the black Nissan in front of him.

"The driver of the tractor trailer was armed with a knife during the confrontation and that's when the driver of the Nissan produced a fire arm and shot the victim in this case."

Officers detained the shooter. Detectives say he's cooperating but they haven't found the gun that he used and he had not been charged.

Officers are still trying to figure out what caused the conflict. Florida Highway Patrol troopers want drivers to take this as a warning before getting testy behind the wheel.

"These incidents at times result with people getting injured and at times with people even losing their lives so just avoid the confrontation,"

Detectives have yet to determine if this was a case of self defense. We've been in contact with the dead man's family. They had no comment as they deal with the loss before the holiday season.

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