Man sues police officer, claims he broke his finger after flipping him off

(Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

DENVER – Jeffrey Woodfork freely admits to flipping off a police officer in Denver back in 2015, but a new lawsuit claims the deputy intentionally broke his middle finger as revenge.

The Denver Post reports Woodfork is suing Adams County Sheriff's Deputy Travis Wilson for breaking his finger, as well as employees of the county jail for not treating the injury properly.

Wilson pointed a gun at Woodfork and a woman when he stopped the couple on Dec. 12, 2015.

When the woman fled, Wilson asked Woodfork for her name and he responded with an obscenity and flipped off the officer with his middle finger.

The lawsuit claims Wilson handcuffed Woodfork and then broke his middle finger by twisting and yanking on the body part.

Woodfork says the jail nurses ignored his pleas to fix his broken finger, which he claims was confirmed when he was taken to a city hospital.

Woodfork says his finger healed in a malformed position due to the negligence of the jail nurses.