Miami-Dade police give stern warning to ATV riders

Hundreds of ATV riders, motorcyclists expected to take to street for MLK Day

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Miami-Dade police issued a stern warning to all-terrain vehicle riders Monday ahead of Martin Luther King Jr. Day when many people are expected to take to the South Florida streets with their ATVs.

Police said reckless ATV riders will be cited, arrested and have their vehicles seized.

Over the years, it's become tradition for hundreds of ATVs and motorcycles to take over the streets of South Florida for MLK Day.

Police said they're taking a proactive approach this year and will be using aircraft and increased patrols for the holiday.

Officers said many ATV fatalities are linked to speeding and recklessness.

"This past year, we had seven fatalities involving ATVs. That's seven too many," one officer said. 

Police encourage ATV riders to follow the rules: No riding on paved roads, popping wheelies or weaving in and out of traffic.