Relatives of Venezuela's El Junquito siege victims demand release of bodies

Rebels report authorities killed child and pregnant woman in El Junquito


CARACAS – Venezuelan authorities reported a woman was killed during the siege in Caracas' El Junquito neighborhood, but they did not confirm allegations that she was pregnant when she was killed or that there was also a child killed, as Oscar Perez's organization announced Wednesday on Twitter.

Perez, a highly trained officer who rebelled against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's administration in June when he claimed an attack on two government buildings, died, according to authorities.  Five others were also killed.  

"The family demands that the Venezuelan government allows us to identify the body of Oscar Perez. We do not authorize cremation," Perez's wife, Danahis Vivas, tweeted Wednesday afternoon. She also published a message form his mother making the same demands. 

Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional reported that the morgue in Caracas' Bello Monte, where reporters and relatives believed the bodies were, was heavily guarded Tuesday and Wednesday. Relatives identified the woman killed as Lisbeth Andreina Ramirez, 26, according to El Informador

Authorities identified the men killed as Daniel Enrique Soto Torres, Abraham Israel Agostini Agostini, Jose Alejandro Diaz Pimentel, Jairo Lugo Ramos and Abraham Lugo Ramos. 

They also identified two women who were detained, making up a total of six survivors being held, as Eva Maria Lugo and Laura Vanessa Ruiz Lugo, and the four men detained as Williams Alberto Aguado Sequera, Joaldy Javier Deyon Gonzalez, Juan Carlos Urdaneta Marcano and Antonio Jose Perez Cisneros. 

Government critics said Perez's last videos published on Instagram were evidence of an extra-judicial killing or massacre that could prompt investigations by the United Nations, the International Criminal Court and other international organizations. 

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