Philadelphia greases up light poles to keep Eagles fans grounded

City is gearing up for rowdy fans if team advances to Super Bowl


PHILADELPHIA – City employees in Philadelphia spent Sunday morning greasing light poles to prevent overzealous football fans from climbing them.

The Philadelphia Eagles face off against the Minnesota Vikings in the National Conference championship game Sunday night. If the Eagles win, the team will advance to the Super Bowl for third time ever.

The team has never won a Super Bowl, and longtime Eagles fans are excited -- like climb 25-foot-a-light-pole excited.

The workers, according to local TV station Fox 29, have dubbed themselves the "Crisco Cops."

Some fans on Twitter were skeptical that the grease would work.

"They really gotta put Crisco on the light poles in Philly to keep people from climbing them lol. Guarantee someone uses a grappling hook to get up there tonight if the Eagles win," Dale Wagner said.

Philadelphia sports fans have a rowdy reputation. During the 1990s, the city sent a judge to Veteran Stadium to preside over "Eagles Court," which dealt with out-of-control fans.

Earlier this week, Philadelphia Police warned businesses near Frankford and Cottman avenues -- a popular celebration spot -- to secure their properties and bring their trash cans and flowerpots inside.