Bar bans customers who use the word 'literally'

New York bar's new rule aims to 'stop Kardashianism'

(Twitter: @evgrieve)
(Twitter: @evgrieve)

NEW YORK – A New York bar is adding another item to the classic "no shoes, no shirt, no service" list -- no using the word "literally."

Continental, a bar in the East Village that is famous for selling five shots for $10, has banned the word from its establishment.

The rules state that if someone uses the word "literally," they are given five minutes to finish their drink and then will be forced to leave. If someone begins a sentence with "I literally," that patron must leave immediately.

The bar says its reasoning for the ban is because the word "literally" is the most "overused, annoying word in the English language." Their goal is to help "stop Kardashianism" by prohibiting use of the word.

The bar has filed for bankruptcy and is expected to close in June 2018, but until the bar closes its doors, the owner says, it will remain a literally-free zone.