Bar puts out APB for its missing mannequin mascot. Her name is Cheryl

Cheryl left with customer Tuesday night, hasn't been seen since

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A Fort Lauderdale bar is appealing to the public for help after its mannequin mascot -- affectionately known as Cheryl -- was stolen Tuesday. 

Wyatt Lawless, owner of Beer Punx in the 900 block of North Flagler Drive, said surveillance video shows a man walking off with Cheryl. 

"She was just a staple of the community," Lawless said, explaining Cheryl wasn't just a mascot, she was an "employee."

Lawless said the crime in Fort Lauderdale's burgeoning arts district, Flagler Village, was well planned.

"It wasn't a quick random grab. You know a grab-and-go," Lawless said. "He was casing the place out and stood here for about 20 minutes."

Cheryl is described as weighing 27 pounds and standing 5 feet 8 inches tall. She has hazel eyes and red hair, which is actually not hair but part of her "beer helmet." The bar said she has an anarchy symbol painted on her midsection, her nipples "scuffed" and both arms have been amputated. She's apparently only 8 months old.

Lawless said it may seem as if he's joking, but he does want Cheryl back unharmed.

"It sounds funny, you know, but Cheryl was like over 100 bucks," Lawless said.