Florida couple fined $100 per day for Van Gogh paint job

Nancy Nemhauser, Ludomir Jastrzebski owe more than $8,000

MOUNT DORA, Fla. – The homeowners behind a Vincent van Gogh-inspired mural in Central Florida will now have to pay even more money to keep the artwork in place. 

Originally, Nancy Nemhauser and Ludomir Jastrzebski were fined $100 per day, but it was capped at 31 days. 

A magistrate, however, lifted the cap Thursday, meaning Nemhauser and Jastrzebski now owe more than $8,000. 

The daily fines of $100 will continue until the painting, an homage to Van Gogh's "Starry Night," is removed. 

The homeowners have been fighting the city for months to keep the mural on their home. 

Mount Dora officials say it violates the city's sign ordinance. 

The ruling comes as the city of Mount Dora continues preparations for this weekend's Mount Dora Art Festival. 

"It's an artistic town and here we are fighting the city for this art mural," said Richard Barrenechea, the artist who painted the mural. "I hope a lot of people come tomorrow to see it and we find more supporters." 

Art enthusiasts getting ready for the festival have quite the range of opinions when it comes to the mural.

"It's beautiful," said Rosemaire Gomez. "I love it. It's heart. They shouldn't have a problem with it." 

The Mount Dora Art Festival starts Saturday and runs through Sunday. As for the mural, the homeowners are expected to file a brief to appeal the city's fine. 

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