Florida sheriff unveils 'vacancy' sign at county jail

BUNNELL, Fla. – A Florida sheriff unveiled a new vacancy sign outside the county jail to show there's always room for more "guests," as long as they follow the rules.

On Thursday, Flagler County Sheriff Rick Stacy turned on the flashing neon vacancy sign outside the county's detention center, a.k.a, the Green Roof Inn.

Along with the neon sign, a printed Accommodations sign lists all the amenities new criminals can expect when they check in, including:

  • No Privacy
  • Group Bathrooms
  • No Meal Selection
  • Free Transportation to Courthouse or State Prison
  • Designer Jewelry to Wear - Handcuffs and Leg Irons
  • Free Designer Clothing - Color Coordinated Jumpsuit and Shoes

“The purpose of the signs is crime prevention,” Sheriff Staly said. “It is a warning to potential offenders that the jail is not a 5-star hotel. When you are arrested, we provide the minimum accommodations as required by law."

For good measure, a third sign was posted on the way out of the Green Roof Inn alerting departing "guests" that they're always welcome back.

"Don't come back! But if you must commit another crime, we have a bed waiting for you!" reads the exit sign.