BSO deputy accidentally shoots himself while responding to North Broward Preparatory School

Initial report about shots fired at school was unfounded, authorities say

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. – A Broward Sheriff's Office deputy accidentally shot himself in the leg Thursday morning while responding to North Broward Preparatory School.

Coconut Creek police officers also responded to the school at 7600 Lyons Road after receiving reports of shots fired shortly after 9:30 a.m.

BSO spokeswoman Joy Oglesby said students and staff were evacuated as authorities searched the school.

"We heard the police screaming to get the kids out -- to put our hands up and take us out. I was in the middle school office," a student, identified only as Kaley, said. 

A Local 10 News viewer said her friend, who is a librarian at the school, barricaded herself inside a bathroom with nine students while the school was on lockdown before they were evacuated.

"You have kids that are terrified. It's not fair. Something needs to be done. It breaks my heart," student Rachel Horr said.  

Two brothers who attend the school said teachers asked them not to get on their phones until the all-clear was given. 

"We heard shots for a second. We heard one shot, and after that it was just terrifying. We went in the classroom and waited it out," Nicolas Krate said. 

But that shot heard was actually from a deputy who accidentally discharged his gun, injuring his leg, Oglesby said.

The deputy was treated at the scene and no one else was injured, authorities said.

A parent of a student who attends the school told Local 10 News that authorities searched each building before allowing students and employees back inside.

Oglesby said the initial report of shots being fired at the school was unfounded. 

Some parents chose to still pull their children out of class for the day following the scare.

"My husband turned around and said, 'Go get our kids.' We're even talking about online schools because you can't protect our children," Deborah Horr said. "This has been going on since Columbine, Sandy Hook. This is right around the corner. When as a parent can I feel safe for my child go to school? It's not right."

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