Hollywood school locks gates, prevents students from gun control walkout

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – While students throughout South Florida walked out of classes Wednesday to show solidarity with a growing movement to enact tougher gun laws, one school locked its gates, refusing to allow a planned protest by students.

Students at Ben Gamla Preparatory School in Hollywood had been planning a walkout to protest against gun violence since Tuesday. 

School officials originally denied the request to protest, allegedly telling students there would be "consequences" if anyone left school grounds and police would be called and arrests made.

After students met with principal Gayle Iacono, the school announced they would only allow a 17 minute protest at noon in the parking lot.

Prior to the protest, the school locked all entry gates, essentially locking students on campus.

With posters and banners in hand, students attempted to begin their walkout, like dozens of other schools in the area, but were unable to leave the parking lot. When some students jumped the fence and protested in front of the school, they were taken back to class by security personnel.

Parents called the fire department to check on the safety of the students and the locked gates.

Local 10 reached out to Iacono and other school officials, but have yet to hear back from anyone connected with Ben Gamla.

Students say they will march to Hollywood City Hall in protest when school lets out at 3:30 p.m.