Broward County commission passes 3 proclamations following Parkland school shooting

Commission requests funding to demolish freshman building, build new building

PARKLAND, Fla. – In the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas massacre, Broward County commissioners are recommending some major security changes at the school.

During their meeting Tuesday, the Broward County Commission made it clear they never want to see anything like the attack at the Parkland high school again.

In addition to their regular agenda, the commission considered a series of proclamations aimed at making real change.

The first urges federal and state lawmakers to take action on a "commonsense" gun control policy. The second requests federal legislators fund the demolition and rebuilding of the freshman building, where the attack happened, while also helping fund a memorial for the 17 people killed.

And finally, the commission considered a motion to create a task force that would put together an after-action report, evaluating how all government entities performed during the tragedy.

All three of the proclamations passed.

"This one was different, It literally was in our backyard," Commissioner Michael Udine said. 

Udine, who is also the former Parkland mayor, spoke passionately about the attack and said he's frustrated with how the situation was handled by several agencies.

Udine said his intent is to make sure there is a "full-blown investigation."

"In my mind, this is so much bigger than Sheriff (Scott) Israel," Udine said. "This is very personal to a lot of people, including myself, and this is something that's just one cog in the wheel. This is such an enormous event. We had the airport shooting, we had this mass casualty -- things are much bigger than just one person in my mind."

Udine, whose daughter and niece both go to Stoneman Douglas, said he hopes federal legislators will listen to their push for help demolishing the freshman building, saying no student should ever have to step back in there.

"No one's going back in that building, so we need to make sure that money comes down from the state so that they can -- first of all, they're going to need another building for these students to (attend). The kids aren't going anywhere and it needs to be done sooner rather than later," Udine said. 

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