We live in a world where a clear plastic bag sells for $590


MIAMI – When clear plastic bags are on sale for almost $600, is it finally time to say enough is enough?

Knowing there's an extremely wealthy sucker born every minute, handbag maker Céline is offering the clear plastic bags already found for free at thousands of stores across the world for the princely sum of $590.

The bag was "designed," by Phoebe Philo, according to Newsweek. No word if Philo kept a straight face while drawing up plans for her new sensation.

If you have a few Ben Franklins burning a hole in your clear plastic wallet and want to spend a ridiculous amount on a clear plastic bag, you had better act fast. The bags are only on sale through May 29 at a Céline pop-up shop inside a Seattle Nordstrom department store.

Wonder if the clerk will pack your $590 clear plastic bag away in a free clear plastic bag after the transaction in completed.