Fort Lauderdale police to spring breakers: No booze, no boobs on beach

Where the boys aren't: Police warn of 'zero tolerance' policy for visitors

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Fort Lauderdale has worked long and hard to shed its reputation as the rowdy spring break destination for college students across the country.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department reiterated that message Friday with a stern warning to spring breakers -- obey the law or go to jail.

As the spring break season draws near, police want to remind visitors of their "zero tolerance" policy for spring break offenders.

"The Fort Lauderdale Police Department encourages all visitors and local residents to educate themselves and become familiar with some of the municipal ordinances that help keep the city of Fort Lauderdale safe and enjoyable," police said in a news release.

Among the laws police are reminding visitors not to break:

  •     Possessing or serving alcoholic beverages to a person under 21
  •     Refusing to leave an establishment after being warned
  •     Possessing or displaying phony identification
  •     Possessing an open container of alcohol in a public place
  •     Causing a drunken disturbance
  •     Fighting
  •     Public indecency
  •     Bringing tents, tables or similar structures onto the beach

But, perhaps the biggest one of all is keeping booze off the beach. Police even highlighted it in all caps.


Violators could be issued a written notice to appear before a judge or even wind up behind bars.

Police said beachgoers will hear the following public announcement while they try to soak up the sun:

"Welcome to Fort Lauderdale Beach. As a reminder, neither alcohol nor glass containers are allowed on the sand and sidewalks. Please dispose of all trash properly in the nearby receptacles to assist us in keeping your beach clean."

It's a far cry from the free-frolicking days of fun under the sun on Fort Lauderdale Beach, popularized in the 1960 movie "Where the Boys Are."

What would Connie Francis say?