Mayor celebrates end of red-light camera program in Miami

American Traffic Solutions' cameras no longer issuing tickets in Miami


MIAMI – Miami Mayor Francis Suarez announced Thursday night the red light camera program is officially over.

City commissioners voted unanimously late last year to end the contract with American Traffic Solutions.The end of the program doesn't mean that those who were hit with the ticket will not have to deal with consequences. 

The Arizona-based firm's program installed dozens of cameras to capture photographs of license tags that were used to mail out $158 citations to violators. 

"The days of our most vulnerable residents being overburdened by these costly fines are over," Suarez tweeted. 

Suarez had been working to remove American Traffic Solutions' red light cameras for several years. The traffic infraction detector program began in 2010, had the support of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and faced costly litigation.

Suarez faced some opposition from Miami detectives who said the cameras provided valuable evidence and served as a crime deterrent in some areas of the city. 

Suarez also faced criticism from Jackson Memorial Hospital and The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, which used to receive funding from the millions collected in citations. 

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