Angry Florida woman upset over order throws hot pizza at manager

DELTONA, Fla. – Hell hath no fury like a Florida woman whose strict pizza instructions were not followed to the letter.

Leslie Vermilio, 61, was arrested Sunday after she was caught on camera throwing a hot pizza at a restaurant store manager after she became angry over her order.

Surveillance video at I Love New York Pizza in Deltona shows Vermilio walking up to the counter and tossing the pizza pie after a brief argument.

WKMG reports Vermilio became upset after her son went to pick up the pizza she had ordered and found it was made incorrectly. When a second pie failed to live up to her order, she returned to the restaurant to complain.

Vermilio says the female manager was argumentative and rude, so she had no other choice than to throw the hot pizza, hitting the woman in the arms.

Police charged Vermilio with battery after reviewing the store video.