Florida woman attacked by wild otter while kayaking


BRADENTON, Fla. – A Florida woman spending the day with a group of friends was attacked by an otter while kayaking last weekend.

Sue Spector was kayaking on the Braden River Sunday when someone pointed out an otter. All of the sudden, the otter jumped on the kayak and attacked the 77-year-old woman.

WTVT reports the otter clawed, scratched and bit Spector's arms, nose and ear.

"I heard someone behind me say, 'Oh look, there's an otter,' then I heard somebody screaming and I realized it was my wife," Spector's husband Marty told the station. "My boat turned over and so I was in the water with a paddle, just trying to beat the otter of her back. It didn't want to come off!"

Spector attempted to get the otter off her kayak by swatting it with a paddle, but the malicious mammal wouldn't let go.

During the struggle, Spector's kayak overturned, sending her into the river where the otter finally gave up the fight.

Spector was treated for rabies at the emergency room and will undergo further treatments. Meanwhile wildlife officials have posted a sign on the river warning others of the aggressive otter.