About 100 people gather in Weston to remember Stoneman Douglas shooting victims

Community reacts after Gov. Scott signs gun bill into law in response to tragedy

WESTON, Fla. – About 100 people came together Saturday in Weston to remember the victims of the Stoneman Douglas massacre.

The rain didn't keep away a crowd of just over a 100 people in Weston showing their support for Parkland a day after Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a gun bill into law in response to the tragedy.

Parkland's mayor said she's taking action against that one controversial portion of the law that allows some teachers to be armed.

Lighting candles in the rain in Parkland's neighboring city of Weston, people stood asking to remember and not forget.

"Sadly, when it comes to death, that's what happens. People forget," said Terri Braun, a mother.

Remembering the victims of the slaughter nearly a month ago at Stoneman Douglas High School, Jordana Braun, 10, and her mother were reminded how lucky they are.

The community is also reacting to Scott's move to sign a bill into law in memory of the tragedy, which includes raising the minimum age to buy a rifle to 21, a three-day waiting period and an opt-in portion of the law allowing some teachers to be armed at schools.

"I think teachers are here to teach," one person said. "It's not exactly where it should be, but it's a start."

"To me, tonight, I was happy to say, come to your sister community," Weston Mayor Dan Stermer said.

Stermer stood with Parkland Mayor Christine Hunschofky. She's been outspoken about her opposition to arming teachers, now telling Local 10 News that she's already taking action to let the voters decide.

The move to put that portion of the law on the ballot in November has yet to be approved by the state's constitution revision commission.

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