Video shows man running from Coconut Grove home with purloined peacock

Police say the bird was most likely hurt in the snatching

MIAMI – Miami police are investigating after a man is shown on video, making off with a peacock from a home in Coconut Grove.

Security video from a home in the 1700 Nocatee Drive shows a man, with a cigarette dangling from the his mouth, trying to sneak up on a muster of peacocks on Sunday morning. Eventually, the man snatches one of the birds as the rest of the peacocks chase him down the street.

"They are protected and they shouldn't be harmed so this is quite a bizarre video," Cmdr. Freddie Cruz of the Miami Police Department said.

Police found blood and feathers outside the home and fear one of the birds may have been injured.

"Our concern is what does this individual want with this peacock, why is he going after a peacock and putting so much effort into it," Cruz said.

Homeowner Virginia Jaspar called police after she reviewed the video. She thinks the man was just harassing the animals.

"I don't think it was to get it home and have it as a pet," Jaspar said.

Neighbors said the number of peacocks in the area has grown significantly and they have become a serious nuisance, making a mess and loud nightly mating calls. However the neighbors said the birds, as annoying as they are, shouldn't be harmed.

"We strongly do not recommend anybody be chasing these peacocks, these wild birds," Cruz said. "I understand that they can be a little bit of a nuisance however we have to understand that they are wild birds and they can't be harmed."

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