Collapsed FIU bridge was designed for quick installation

SWEETWATER, Fla. – The pedestrian bridge that collapsed Thursday, killing several people, was designed to be built quickly using accelerated construction techniques advanced by Florida International University.

Using funds from the U.S. Department of Transportation, the $14 million bridge was built with a new modular construction method that would minimize traffic disruptions and reduce risks to workers and pedestrians.

The 950-ton section of the 174-foot-long bridge that collapsed was swung into place on Saturday morning. It had been constructed at a different location and transported to Eighth Street in one piece.

Munilla Construction Management (MCM) was responsible for construction of the bridge that was scheduled to be completed in early 2019.

The bridge was developed with student safety in mind. Crossing seven lanes at 109th Avenue was a safety hazard, with one student being killed in August.