Gross, disgusting or nasty? Mayo-eating women send world into frenzy


SACRAMENTO, Calif. – There's gross, there's disgusting and then there's just plain nasty. Rarely have the three ever combined to make the entire world feel a bit queasy.

But that's what happened after two women attending an NBA game were caught on camera snacking on plain mayonnaise.

That's right, no turkey sandwich or french fries to go with the creamy condiment. Just... plain... mayo.

During a break in the action during Monday's Pistons-Kings game in Sacramento, cameras caught one of the women spooning out a heaping portion of mayo out of a jar. When she's done, she offers her friend a taste.

ESPN's tweet of the Mayo Moment has been seen over 588,000 times with people refusing to hold back on their comments.

"Lol I love @Hellmanns mayonnaise like cake icing but damn that’s #teamtoomuch," wrote @Bianca5D

"I can feel the heart starting to cease up," said @Willannium

Others called shenanigans, saying the mayo must have been yogurt or vanilla pudding, anything but rich, creamy mayonnaise.