Gov. Rick Scott paves the way for race against Sen. Bill Nelson

Scott stands with Venezuelans in Miami-Dade ahead of Senate race

DORAL – In Miami-Dade, El Arepazo Dos in Doral is for the Venezuelans what Versailles in Little Havana was for the Cubans.

This is why Gov. Rick Scott was there Wednesday afternoon when he announced that he will be making a "big announcement" April 9th.

Scott, who is preparing to challenge Sen. Bill Nelson's re-election, signed a bill into law that could help him generate some major steam.

"I can tell you I’ve been governor for almost eight years ... it’s not easy to get things done," Scott said. 

Scott signed a bill to prohibit any direct or indirect business dealings between Florida agencies and companies with ties to Nicolas Maduro’s regime in Venezuela.

Sen. Nelson chose Fort Lauderdale. He was there to discuss the $190 million that will be used to rebuild the Fort Lauderdale Courthouse.

"Its going to be a tough race, but I tell you there’s a lot of things happening," Nelson said. 

Nelson added that the students who survived the Valentine's Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School will be making an influence. As they lobbied for gun control, Scott put aside the support of the National Rifle Association and signed a bill to address some of the concerns raised.  

"I think they’re going to keep it up and I think they’re going to demand results, that they don’t have to be afraid... I think that’s going to be an issue in the campaign," Nelson said. 

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