Liberty City residents hope community leaders help crack down on gun violence

Residents say they've had enough after latest shooting claims lives of 2 teens


MIAMI – Liberty City residents have had enough, as their neighborhood has been overwhelmed with crime and gun violence. 

Miami Commissioner Xavier Suarez walked through Liberty Square Thursday morning, hearing stories from families that have been traumatized by losing loved ones to gun violence. 

"What comes to mind is abandonment. The government is not doing its job," Suarez said. 

Dozens of people took to the streets Wednesday for a peace walk, with children at the forefront.

"You can see a man get killed in front of you and nothing happens, but then something else happens to somebody else, (and) it goes so big. But then, with us, it's like we're in a little hole that nobody sees, and we need to be heard," Shalone Lewis, who lives in Liberty City, said. 

Students at Miami Northwestern Senior High School walked out of classes Wednesday for a second day in a row with the message “Never Again” after their classmate Kimson Green, 17, and former classmate, Rickey Dixon, 18, were killed over the weekend.

Green was expected to be inducted into the National Honor Society on May 9.

At the walk Wednesday, Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina and the city's mayor gave assurances to the community. 

"People should be able to go outside their homes and kids should be able to play outside and not be afraid that some gangbanger is going to come and shoot up the neighborhood," Colina said.

Liberty City residents hope community leaders like Suarez will help implement change in their neighborhood. 

"I believe something is going to happen," Liberty City resident Jermell Broughton said. "I believe he is really going to take steps. He's not walking around these projects for nothing."