Car left hanging from bridge stumps police

Burned-out vehicle appeared overnight without explanation


TORONTO – No, Hollywood isn't filming a Spider-Man movie in Toronto. 

Canadian commuters woke up Wednesday to find a burned-out blue sedan hanging from a busy city bridge, and Toronto police said they are unsure how the car got there.

"I just saw some of the pictures myself that came from television this morning, and I was mystified as to how the car ended up there ... I was just shaking my head in disbelief," Toronto Mayor John Tory said during a news conference.

At first, police said the hanging vehicle was part of a movie shoot, but later walked back the statement after officials could not find any evidence of movie filming in the area.

"Obviously someone had intentionally put it up there, because it was tied to a winch system," Capt. Adrian Ratushniak, of Toronto Fire Services, told CBC News.

Police have now launched a "public mischief" investigation. Fire services managed to safely bring the car to the ground Wednesday afternoon.

Online, people theorized that the car was part of a prank by engineering students. Similar pranks have been carried out over the years in Vancouver, Boston and San Francisco.