Multiple dead animals found in trash of self-proclaimed West African priest, police say

Hollywood neighbors complain of frequent animal sacrifices

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Hollywood police and city code enforcement showed up on the door step of Nathan Lugo Wednesday, who is a self-proclaimed West African priest who neighbors said has been doing animal sacrifices in the backyard of his Hollywood home.

"We had complaints of animals being sacrificed here and then, last night, we were told they were getting stuff together in garbage bags and they were disposing of the animals," Hollywood Code Enforcement manager John Chidsey said. 

Neighbors said they can hear the animals being killed and the stench from the dead carcasses is unbearable. They said there were sacrifices for three consecutive days this past weekend.

"I heard pigs squealing at about midnight Saturday night. It was really an all-day, all-night event," Alberto Serrano said. 

According to his blog, Lugo is a titled "Ifa priest." His bio states he is a member of four West African religious orders. 

A Supreme Court ruling struck down a Hialeah ordinance that did not allow animal sacrifices for religious purposes, so the city of Hollywood said there is little they can do about that.

"The disposal of the animals into the municipal trash is illegal, according to state statute, and so we are going to document what we found here today and do all the reports and present it to the state attorney," Chidsey said.

Authorities said they found multiple dead animals in Lugo's trash on Wednesday.

"I am Catholic, but I don't force it on you, or you, or my neighbor," Serrano said. "It has been bad, not only for me, but for my kids. When they first witnessed it, it was terrifying for them. They don't go in the backyard because of it anymore."

"That's just wrong. A child should not see a goat get decapitated," Serrano added.

It's unclear whether Lugo will face charges for improperly disposing the animals' corpses.