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Wayne Huizenga's son arrested after being found passed out on boat, authorities say

BSO: Robert Goldsby Huizenga's boat was floating down New River Canal

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The son of late South Florida businessman Wayne Huizenga was arrested Wednesday after he was found passed out on a boat in Fort Lauderdale, authorities said.

According to an arrest report, a Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue captain who was dispatched to the 300 block of South Andrews Avenue saw an unconscious man aboard a 2015 30-foot Jupiter floating down the New River Canal.

Capt. Chad Robertson said he saw Robert Ray Goldsby Huizenga, 56, passed out at the helm of the boat. He said the keys were in the ignition and the engines were lowered into the water, but the engines were not on.

A Broward Sheriff's Office deputy arrived to the scene a short time later and met with Robertson and two Fort Lauderdale police officers.

Authorities said Huizenga was sitting down near his boat on shore and smelled like an alcoholic beverage.

According to the report, Huizenga was slurring his speech, his face was flushed and he swayed back and forth when he stood up.

Robertson said Huizenga refused medical care.

Authorities said a detective met with a manager at the Boathouse at the Riverside in Fort Lauderdale who said a man fitting a similar description to Huizenga had been drinking at the bar with some friends for three to four hours.

The manager said the man consumed three glasses of wine and didn't appear to be "super drunk," although the manager didn't think he was fit to drive.

Authorities said the manager said he and a security officer tried to stop Huizenga from boarding his boat that was docked at the bar, and offered to give him water while he sobered up.

The manager said Huizenga refused their efforts and told them something along the lines of, "You can't keep me from leaving. This is my boat."

The manager said he called 911, but a police officer never showed up.

The detective who interviewed Huizenga said the man appeared to be confused and kept asking him, "Why are you upset with me?"

The detective said he told Huizenga that he wasn't upset with him.

He said he asked Huizenga where he was headed on the boat, and Huizenga responded, "That's a good question."

According to the arrest report, Huizenga first claimed he had nothing to drink, but when asked when he last consumed an alcoholic beverage, he said, "Today," and then said, "Whenever, who cares?"

Authorities said Huizenga failed a field sobriety test and was arrested on charges of boating under the influence and refusing to submit to a BUI test.

According to the report, Huizenga has previously been convicted of driving under the influence three times, twice in 2006 and once in 1998.

Authorities said he was also convicted of refusing to submit to a chemical test in 2006 and was convicted of BUI in July 2007.

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