Video shows man detained for 'vegetation on car window'

Kansas man's Facebook video of interaction with police officers goes viral


WINFIELD, Kansas – Rudy Samuel was driving when Winkfield police officers stopped him. First they told him, he failed to use his signal within 100 feet of his turn, but then the officer said he noticed something suspicious. 

The officer didn't just issue a citation or a warning. He told Samuel there was "vegetation on the window" and he had to test it, but first he had to search him and his car. 

Samuel was live streaming on Facebook when he told the officer the "vegetation" was just tree debris and he wants the officer to test it, before they search him and his car. 

"I ain't got to test it right now," the officer said before forcibly removing him from the car.  

Samuel did not give the officer permission to search the car, but warned the officer he had a legal firearm in the car. Samuel said the officer also turned off his phone. When the officers didn't find anything, they let Samuel go. 

Winfield Chief Brett Stone told reporters Thursday that his department was investigating the May 13th stop.

"This is being looked at just because of the publicity it's garnered, the widespread video publicity it's garnered and obviously with that there's been a perception of a lot of negativity," Stone said. "You want to know what took place both before during and after so that all those components come together and make sense in the end."

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Posted by Rudy Samuel on Sunday, May 13, 2018

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