Hollywood firefighters rescue duck stuck in chimney

Homeowners wake up Wednesday to hear quacking coming through wall


HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Hollywood firefighters rescued a duck Wednesday morning after it had been stuck for hours inside a chimney, Fire Rescue officials said.

According to Hollywood Professional Firefighters Association Secretary Anthony J. Vera, the owners of a home in the 2700 block of Lee Street heard a commotion coming from their chimney during the night, but thought it was just an iguana.

Vera said the homeowners woke up Wednesday and heard a duck quacking within the walls. They then realized that the duck had fallen down the chimney and was wedged inside.


Hollywood Fire Rescue crews from Station 5 went to the home and attempted at first to lasso it with a rope.

Vera said lassoing the duck didn't work because of its position between the chimney wall and flue, so firefighters entered the chimney through the bottom and reached in deep to free the duck.

"Just goes to show....a) we serve all our Hollywood residents and b) there's never a dull moment in this profession," Vera wrote on the Hollywood Professional Firefighters Facebook page. "Be safe out there folks."


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