North Bay Village man faces federal charges over threats on social media

FBI agents arrest man posing as Islamic radical threatening Jews and Christians


NORTH BAY VILLAGE, Fla. – On Twitter, authorities believe Rory McCormack-Yong ran an account under the name "Yazid Saddam." The user acted like a supporter of the Free Syrian Army, and flaunted a Cuban flag near his picture.

"Make Islam Great Again," he allegedly wrote in his biography on Twitter.

Authorities believe McCormack-Yong's threats on social media from 2016 to 2017 were credible enough to make an arrest and now he could face 25 years in federal prison.

Records show McCormack-Yong also appeared in a Facebook video Aug. 20, 2016 cursing at Jews, Shi'ite Muslims, and Christians and then firing a weapon into the air while saying, "Takbir! Allahu akbar! [Expletive] Jews, Majoos and crusaders!"

Authorities believe he also published a threatening message on Facebook July 25, 2017 with emojis of a gun, a knife and a bomb.

"Attention all Christians and Jews: Submit to conversion or paying the Jizya tax (while Muslims will have to pay the Zakat tax)," he allegedly wrote. "You will be protected and treated fairly in the Islamic Emirate. Your only other option is a grim one.''

Law enforcement sources also said he wrote another threatening message on Instagram Nov. 3, 2017.

"We're bringin' out the AR-15s with the bump-stocks and APBs tomorrow, capitalist [Expletive] dog! ! ! We're gonna go through you like depleted uranium rounds going through butter, little boy."


Surveillance video shows FBI agents and police officers ambushed the 28-year-old man in his quiet North Bay Village neighborhood earlier this week. Standing at six feet, three inches tall, his neighbors viewed him as "disturbed" and "erratic" man. 

McCormack-Yong faces three federal counts of transmitting threats through interstate and foreign communications and another for using a fire arm during and in relation to a federal crime of violence.

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