Parkland students marching on with coast-to-coast bus tour

Students will take message on road to encourage young people to vote

PARKLAND, Fla. – The crusade by Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students to reform gun-control laws in the United States is marching on.

Parkland school shooting survivors announced their plans Monday for a coast-to-coast bus tour this summer.

The students who spearheaded the "March for Our Lives" movement in March will travel the country "to get young people educated, registered and motivated to vote."

"So many local laws, state laws have been passed in order to make everybody safe around the country, but it is not enough. And, you know, we realized, how do we make the real change here?" Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Cameron Kasky said. 

A news release sent Monday said the tour will begin June 15 in Chicago, where the students will join the Peace March, led by students from St. Sabina Academy.

So far, about 75 stops in more than 20 states have been planned for the "March for Our Lives: Road to Change" tour.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students and recent graduates said they will take part in rallies and meet with voters and elected officials.

"These issues cannot take a breath, because every single day there's another American child that is dying as a result of policies not being enacted by these politicians who are unfairly elected because not everybody is getting out to vote, and that's our mission here," recent graduate David Hogg said.

The activists want people to cast their ballots in the midterm elections, but they'll have to tackle the enormous problem of voter apathy.

"We are encouraging people around the country to educate themselves on their vote, to get out there and turn voting into more of an act of patriotism than a chore," Kasky said. 

Organizers said millions of people from around the world donated to "March For Our Lives." Those donations will fund the bus trip.

The news release said a separate Florida tour will make more than 25 stops, visiting every congressional district.