911 call released after baby died in Miramar dog attack

'The baby is dead in the living room,' woman tells dispatcher

MIRAMAR, Fla. – Police released the frantic 911 call after an 8-month-old girl was fatally wounded last week in Miramar when the family dog attacked her.

Liana Valino was staying with her grandmother in the 2400 block of Kingston Drive on May 30 when Miramar police said the pit bull attacked Liana while she sat in a bouncy chair.

The woman on the phone cries repeatedly as the dispatcher picks up the call. 

"My son's dog killed the 8-month-old girl!" the woman tells the dispatcher through a Spanish interpreter. 

The dispatcher then asks the caller where the dog and baby are.

"I locked the dog in the bathroom, and the baby is dead in the living room," the woman said. 

The woman identifies the dog as a pit bull.

"I have paramedics and police on the way over there. Just stay on the line," the dispatcher tells the woman, but the woman knows it's too late.

Family told reporters after the attack that dog was about 3 year old and was family raised by the family since it was a puppy. The Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Division removed the dog, along with two others, from the home.