'Brazen' work truck burglary caught on surveillance video

Hollywood man says expensive power tools stolen during burglary

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A Hollywood man wasn't home when his work truck was burglarized, but the incident was captured on surveillance video.

The video shows a Jaguar pull into frame, followed by a Mazda, from which a man gets out and makes a beeline toward Nathan Sanford's truck.

"I was stunned," Sanford said Sunday. "I couldn't believe it. It was broad daylight -- brazen."

The incident took place about 9:30 a.m. Saturday. For about six minutes, the thief is seen fiddling with the lock on the back door of the vehicle, not at all bothered by passing cars or the sight of a neighbor tossing out some trash right across the street.

"Which is unfortunate, you know," Sanford said. "I'm out doing the right thing, trying to make a good living, and somebody just comes and takes everything away from you."

Finally, after messing with the truck for some time, the thief gets inside.

"You can actually see where they busted it with a screwdriver, and one way or another, he just snapped it and got in," Sanford said.

Heavy-duty work tools were stolen from the locked truck. The crook was spotted carrying the goods back to his car. About $5,000 worth of equipment was stolen in all.

Sanford relies on those items for his electrical service and construction duties.

His truck is now in a state of disarray, and the person or people responsible remain at large. Both cars seen on the surveillance video drove off at the same time, the person inside one acting as a lookout for the other.

"He was very calculated," Sanford said. "He knew what he was after, I guess. It's almost like he did it before."

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