2-year-old toucan escapes from Flamingo Gardens in Davie

Tiki believed to still be in Broward County

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DAVIE, Fla. – The search continues for a South Florida toucan named Tiki after she got herself out of her cage.

Tiki was last spotted at Rexmere Village, about three miles from Flamingo Gardens in Davie. Someone spotted her, but she flew away.

"We last had our eyes on Tiki Saturday afternoon, but she left the property.  Now she is out in the community," zookeeper Gabrielle Davis said. 

Now the search is on to find Tiki and bring her back home.

Since, she is a toucan, Tiki has very vibrant colors with a big bill. 

While it was a stealthy escape, her freedom is now causing some major concerns.

Tiki is about 2 years old. She is not used to the wild and bird keepers are now worried about her safety.

"When she first got out, within 30 minutes you had song birds bombing her," Davis said. "They would chase her and peck at her. They will actually feed on other birds."

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