Davie to place signage at all town parks with bodies of water after fatal gator attack

Silver Lakes Rotary Nature Park to remain closed until signs erected


DAVIE, Fla. – The town of Davie will be placing signage at all town parks with bodies of water, warning of natural hazards, after a fatal alligator attack, according to Phillip R. Holste, Davie's assistant town administrator and interim CRA director.

Holste said in an email to Local 10 News investigative reporter Jeff Weinsier that Silver Lakes Rotary Nature Park, where Shizuka Matsuki's body was found Friday night, will remain closed until signage has been erected warning people of alligators, snakes and other wildlife.

Holste said signage will also be placed at all town parks and "open space sites with a water body or adjacent to a canal."

"We will also be implementing a public information campaign with our residents to remind them of these natural hazards," he said.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman Rob Klepper said Matsuki, 47, of Plantation, was attacked by a 12-foot, 6-inch gator while she was walking her dogs Friday morning.

Sources told Local 10 News that an arm had been found inside the gator that was captured.

A man told detectives that he saw Matsuki walking her dogs in the park. A short time later, he said, he saw the dogs wandering alone.

One of the dogs was found with a fresh wound, but Matsuki was missing.

Residents who live in the area told Local 10 News that a gator is known to roam the lakes in the park.

CLICK TO VIEW: FWC Nuisance Alligator Harvest Permit Regarding Silver Lake Rotery Nature Park.

An FWC nuisance alligator harvest permit shows a complaint was filed March 26 requesting that the gator be removed from the water for the safety of people who walk near the trails with their dogs. 

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