Forest ranger almost strangled by python while taking selfie


JALPAIGURI, INDIA – A forest ranger who captured a python that was dangerously close to a school was almost strangled by the snake while he attempted to take a selfie.

Sanjay Dutta responded to the python call in Jalpaiguri, India and quickly scooped up the 18-foot snake, according to the Washington Post.

But when Dutta tried to document his heroism by taking a selfie with the rock python draped around his neck, the snake wasn't having any part of the fun.

Dutta smiled at first as the snake attempted to wrap itself around his body, but the report says the ranger was in distress as the python tightened its grip.

The snake was eventually removed from Dutta's body and the video below shows the ranger out of sorts, having learned a valuable lesson.

Selfies are for friends, not pythons.