Investigation report released detailing sexual harassment claims against MSD security monitor

Andrew Medina allegedly told students to keep incidents 'low key'


PARKLAND, Fla. – Broward County Public Schools has released a summary of investigation report, detailing the sexual harassment claims against Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School security monitor and baseball coach Andrew Medina.

According to the report, two students provided written statements in February 2017 regarding their encounters with Medina.

One of the students claimed Medina approached her in a hallway near a bathroom and told her that he wanted to "take her out and buy her some drinks," the report stated.

The student said she told the coach that she worked a lot, but Medina was persistent and told her they had to keep it "low key."

According to the report, Medina later asked the student what she was doing that weekend. The student told him she would be spending it with her boyfriend and working, the report stated.

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Medina allegedly then asked where she worked so he could come by her job later.

He said he could flirt with her there because it was not on school grounds, the report stated.

Another student claimed Medina approached her as she was walking out of a bathroom and whispered in her ear, "You're fine as f***."

The student told school officials that she immediately walked away and Medina called out, "I know you're smiling," and made comments about her boyfriend.

The student said her boyfriend, who is not a student at the school, got angry and called Medina. She said Medina later confronted her boyfriend at a gas station to apologize. She said her boyfriend didn't want to get into a confrontation with Medina so he backed off and left.

According to the report, Medina claimed to not know one of the students and said that he never made inappropriate comments to the other student.

The report stated that Medina claimed the girl was upset about an ex-boyfriend and he encouraged her to come to baseball games to support the team. 

According to the report, Medina denied all claims relating to sexually harassing the students, and said he only ever made positive comments to students, such as, "You look very nice today. Keep it up."

Medina was suspended for three days after the investigation.

According to the report, authorities and Child Protective Services were not notified because "this case is solely administrative."

Andrew Pollack told The Associated Press last week that his daughter, Meadow, was one of the students harassed by Medina. 

Meadow was killed in the Feb. 14 shooting at the Parkland school.

Andrew Pollack and his 20-year-old son, Hunter Pollack, said they didn't learn until after the shooting that Medina harassed Meadow, then 17. Hunter Pollack said a Broward County Schools investigator spoke with him.

Andrew Pollack said his ex-wife never told him about Medina, but reported it to the school.

The AP reported that a disciplinary panel recommended in October that Medina be fired, but the district instead suspended him.

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