Tiki the toucan found in Plantation Acres after escaping from Flamingo Gardens

Tiki had been roaming Broward County since June 9


PLANTATION, Fla. – Flamingo Gardens' Tiki the toucan has been found, more than a week after she escaped from her cage.

The 2-year-old toucan was found Tuesday morning by a homeowner in Plantation Acres.

Zookeepers said Tiki had escaped from her cage at Flamingo Gardens in Davie on June 9. Someone spotted her shortly after her escape, but she flew away.

Zookeepers said they were worried about Tiki's safety because she was not used to being in the wild.

"When she first got out, within 30 minutes, you had songbirds bombing her," Flamingo Gardens zookeeper Gabrielle Davis said. "They would chase her and peck at her. They will actually feed on other birds."

Zookeepers believe that Tiki stayed in Broward County throughout her time in the wild.

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