Crooks steal swimming pool from family's backyard


OMAHA, Neb. – Looks like Christmas isn't the only holiday when the Grinch works overtime.

When a homeowner in Omaha received an alert on Father's Day from his backyard security cameras, he was shocked to see crooks stealing his family's inflatable pool.

"Really? Really? That's all I could think of, really?" pool owner Brandon Turner told KETV.

The surveillance video shows one thief trying to do the job by herself, but then calling over a second bandit to lend a helping hand.

The plan was for Turner's kids, 9 and 5, to use the pool for fun all summer long, but that's now out the window and over the fence where the pool pirates escaped.

"They're not going to be swimming in the yard any more this summer, if we can't even keep a pool, why bother, we will just have to go to local pool," Turner said.