Animal rights group says it found cockfighting site in southwest Miami-Dade

Police investigating, no arrests so far

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – An animal rights organization said it has uncovered a site in southwest Miami-Dade County where illegal cockfighting matches take place.

The Animal Recovery Mission said the site, called Rancho El Triangulo, is located near Southwest 213th Avenue Road and Southwest 212th Avenue.

Miami-Dade County Police said they are investigating the claims, but no arrests have been made. Officers inspected the site on Saturday, but found no evidence of cockfighting.

The group, which recorded a series of undercover videos, said hundreds have come out to watch the birds fight. The Animal Recovery Mission said its investigation found dead or dying birds discarded in trash cans. Some of the injured birds spent days in the cans with other garbage, the group said.

"The losing birds are basically ...like nothing," Richard Couto of the Animal Recovery Mission.

The group also alleges Rancho El Triangulo served alcohol without proper permits and facilitated gambling.