Woman calls cops on girl selling water in front of apartment building


SAN FRANCISCO – A woman now known as "Permit Patty" is under fire for calling the police on an 8-year-old girl selling water in front of her San Francisco apartment building.

KTVU reports the girl's mother, Erin Austin, posted video of the incident to Instagram, saying Alison Ettel demanded to see her daughter's permit for selling the water.

Ettel has since been dubbed "Permit Patty."

Austin was recently laid off, and she says her daughter, Jordan Rodgers, was actually trying to raise money for the family and a possible trip to Disneyland.

Austin told the station she thinks Ettel didn't believe the family actually lived in the apartment building.

As Austin recorded the confrontation on her phone, the woman attempts to duck behind a wall while calling the police.

Ettel told the HuffPost that she was only bluffing and never did call police. San Francisco Police confirmed there was no call made to their department.

Ettel told NBC that despite Rodgers being black and she is white, the incident was not racially-motivated and that she only wanted the girl to stop screaming while selling the water.