Woman warns parents to be cautious on Fourth of July a year after sons were injured

Marvin Lane, 9, lost right hand in fireworks accident

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Just a year ago, three young boys found a firework at a park in Pompano Beach, and they were all seriously injured after it exploded in one of their hands. While walking the basketball court Friday, Local 10 News reporter Samantha Bryant found several more fireworks.

All three boys are doing better, but two of the boys' mother said they won't have access to fireworks anytime soon.

Life has been different for Marvin Lane, 9, since he lost his right hand in last year's fireworks accident. 

"He wore a sock over his hand for the first month at school," his mother said. 

Wallica Thomas said her son has adjusted and learned to write with his left hand.

Authorities said Marvin, his brother, Robert, and their cousin, Jeremy, were at McNair Park July 17 when they found a firecracker and a lighter.

"Before we could light it, it blew up," Robert told Local 10 last year.

The explosive went off in Marvin's hand and all three boys were rushed to Broward Health Medical Center. Robert had injuries to his face and Jeremy lost two of his fingers.

"My finger and thumb are, like, in half," Jeremy said last year.

In May, another 8-year-old in southwest Miami-Dade lost a finger after lighting a firecracker he found at home.

"So, as far as Fourth of July for my kids, we're going to go to someone else's event and they're not going to have hands-on fireworks," Thomas said.

Thomas said her boys still haven't gotten the complete message. 

With the Fourth of July just days away, she had this message for parents: "We have to keep an eye on them because they still turn around and do the same things."

As for Jeremy, his family said he has adjusted in school and is hoping to still play football.

Thomas said she will be taking her kids to a public firework show.