'He did not deserve to be murdered,' family says of slain teenager

Mendell Lebel was fatally shot hours after his 17th birthday

MIRAMAR, Fla. – A Miramar family is mourning the loss of their teenage son killed in a drive-by shooting this week just hours after his birthday.

Police said 17-year-old Mendell Lebel was killed and two others were wounded Monday in a drive-by shooting in front of the Foxcroft apartment complex on Foxcroft Road.

"He did not deserve to be murdered, at 17 years old," said Paul Lebel, the victim's father.

According to Mendell's family, he had just finished eating and was watching a movie with his aunt when he decided to run to the store with his neighbors.

The trip only took a couple of minutes, but when they got back to the apartment complex and started to get out of the car, someone started shooting at them.

Myra Butler, Mendell's aunt, ran downstairs, and immediately tried to preform CPR.

"I did everything I could to save my nephew," Butler said. "I didn't see no blood, the paramedics when they came, they cut his shirt open and that's when I discovered the bullet wound. He was shot one time in the back."

Rescue crews rushed him to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, but Mendell died from his injuries.

His parents said he was an honors student and wasn't involved in any illegal activity. They said he was an innocent bystander in this attack.

"He had such a loving, caring and giving spirit. That is who my son was," said Mendell's mother, Omorose Butler.

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