2 baby Two-toed Sloths from Panama move to Zoo Miami

Chelsea and Pete arrive at Miami International Airport


MIAMI – Zoo Miami’s newest stars are Chelsea and Pete, two 18-month-old baby two-toed sloths from Panama. They just arrived with Ron Magill, who was gushing like a proud new daddy on Friday at Miami International Airport. 

These are such neat animals they are the slowest of the land animals. 

"They only go to the bathroom once a week, and that is the only time they come out of a tree," Magill said. 

These little guys actually fell out of tree in a rainforest when they were only months old. Orphans rescued by wildlife officials in Panama, who hand raised them -- making it impossible to ever be released back into the wild. 

"Panama never ever allows animals to leave their country, because they are a national treasure. They don’t export these animals," Magill said.  

But because Zoo Miami supports Panama’s conservation efforts, Chelsea and Pete have been loaned indefinitely to Zoo Miami. 

Chelsea and Pete will become the newest ambassadors, and will visit schools in Miami Dade County, to teaching all of us about the importance of conservation and protecting our species. 

"They’re going to be the best teachers we could have incredible tropical paradise." 

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