Distracted cop suspended after hitting bicyclist with police vehicle


PECULIAR, Mo. – A bicyclist is lucky to be alive after he was hit head-on by a distracted police officer.

In the video from bicyclist Joseph Fasanello's helmet-cam, the Peculiar, Mo. officer can be seen cutting a left-hard corner and striking Fasanello.

The officer, identified as Charles R. Wallace, has been suspended with pay, according to KMBC.

After the accident, Fasanello immediately confronts Wallace, asking him why he was looking at the phone while driving.

While denying he was texting, Wallace admitted he was looking at his phone as he made the turn.

"It was my bad," says Wallace.

Fasanello refused medical attention at the scene.

A spokesperson for the Missouri Highway Patrol claims Fasanello was pulled up past the stop sign at the intersection, but says an investigation is still ongoing.

(WARNING: The video below contains language some may find offensive.)