Grant Stern accuses city of Miami of violating Sunshine laws with MLS stadium vote


MIAMI – Local mortgage broker and radio host Grant Stern is now accusing the city of Miami of violating Sunshine laws.

Stern is now intervening in the lawsuit filed against the city and Miami Freedom Park LLC by attorney William Douglas Muir. 

While Muir contends the city violated its own charter when it voted to include the MLS soccer stadium proposal in the November ballot, Stern claims the city violated Sunshine laws when the commission voted to do so on July 18. 

"The public has the right to reasonable notice and the right to give reasonable public comment on all plans and all propositions in front of the city," Stern said. "Unfortunately, getting a plan less than 24 hours before a meeting, let alone 8 hours before a meeting, which we still haven’t seen, violates the public's right to know what public business is being heard." 

Stern and Muir's mutual goal is to remove the proposal from the November ballot. 

All parties were in court Wednesday for a hearing, but Muir requested more time to review the city's response, which was submitted Tuesday night. 

The next hearing is scheduled for Aug. 15. 

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