3 teens arrested after disabled man's van stolen from behind Miami Gardens church

Van returned to Kenneth Robert, who has faith thieves can find redemption

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – A South Florida man was all smiles Wednesday after police came to his home to inform him that they had found his stolen van and made three arrests in the case.

For Kenneth Robert, who is disabled, that means not just the return of transportation, but the return of his independence.

Robert said he never let the incident shake his faith.

"I wasn't worried, because once I leave it in his hands, I know it will work out," Robert said. 

Robert said the van was stolen Sunday morning from behind Holy Family Episcopal Church in Miami Gardens, where Robert was attending services with his 2-year-old granddaughter.

"And I said, 'Lord, just leave me to my car,'" Robert said.

After reporting it stolen, Robert couldn't just drive any car. His van was equipped with hand controls specially adapted for his disability.

"It takes me all around. Doctors' appointments, supermarkets -- every place. So without it, I'm at a dead loss," he said.

Robert said he has faith the thieves can still turn their lives around. 

Miami Gardens police said three 15-year-old boys were arrested in the case. 

"Stop the badness and turn to the lord," Robert advised the suspects. "He will guide you through whatever the problems may be. Just talk to him."

Regardless of their fate or their faith, Robert and his granddaughter are spending the day happy to see their van back and grateful to whomever saw it and reported it. 

According to Robert, someone called police after seeing the van on the news.

He said it was recovered behind the Dunkin' Donuts at State Road 7 and 188th Street, where the three juveniles were found sleeping inside. 

The suspects face charges of trespassing and burglary. Authorities said there is not enough evidence at this time to charge the children with auto theft. 

According to police, detectives have tied the suspects to a burglary that was reported a few days ago. 

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