Throwback Thursday: popular soda from the '90s SURGE is back



Step aside beloved sitcoms from the '90s -- there's a new reboot in town, and it comes in the form of an aluminum can and sugary soda. 

That's right, children of the '90s, your favorite discontinued soda SURGE is being brought back from the dead. The "citrus-flavored" soda from Coca-Cola was basically made for kids who weren't getting their caffeine boost from multiple Mountain Dews, so it's not a surprise that the soda only stayed on shelves from 1996 to 2003. Plus, it looks like it could be toxic waste with it's bright green color, so there's that, too. 

SURGE did have a resurgence on Amazon in 2014 when three 20-something bros begged Coca-Cola to bring back the drink. After a couple of years of testing the waters, Coca-Cola announced that SURGE will be available at Burger King locations inside the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. 

Of course, Burger King had to tweet about it. 



So if you indulged in the sweet nectar that is SURGE in your childhood (or maybe you just want to know what having energy feels like again), you'd better get yourself to the nearest Burger King. Click here to find the closest SURGE to you.

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